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From the very beginning, M.O.T.H.E.R. has established itself not only as an energetic live act, but as a rock experience! The sound of M.O.T.H.E.R. mixes the timeless beginnings of rock with the pressure of "modern age rock" and holds a range that cannot be squeezed into a single sub-genre of rock music. They take the listener on a literal rock 'n' roll rollercoaster, giving them the experience of a live gig where they must expect the unexpected, often leaving critics baffled. The diversity of the sound is no accident, as it is already interwoven in the band itself. With frontman Lenny, the man with the mohawk, guitar and vocals who makes the amps glow and scream. Then there's Adams, the man on bass, who makes the floor shake and amazes with his groovy, powerful bass playing. Last but not least, Ivo "The Machine", a man who can rock the drums for an entire concert with just one hand if necessary!  

After slowly building a name for themselves in larger venues such as the legendary Braderie in their hometown of Biel, the Swiss band decided to record their first EP produced in the band room called "The Demotapes", which was released in September 2023. Why the title "The Demotapes", you may ask? The band answers: "This title is a tribute to the old days of rock music, when you recorded your songs on a cassette, sent it to a label and prayed to be discovered and signed. It stands for craftsmanship, hope, the rocky road - which we are still traveling now - and ultimately: our shared love of old school rock music." 




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